Our Story

Why Liigo?

The idea for Liigo first came to me when I was traveling around the world in 2010. This was a trip where I was visiting 52 different universities in 27 different countries in the world – to find the answer to the following question:

“What lives to the people the same age as me around the world lead? How are their lives different from those which we live in Japan?”

Visiting all these universities, including Harvard, Stanford, the National University of Singapore, Peking University, Seoul National, IIT, made me realize the passion and clear visions that many of those we met had. This overwhelming passion went far beyond my expectations and exposed me to ways of thinking and working which I could never find in Japan.

After this, I have had the opportunities to work with people from many countries, and interacting with different cultures and becoming friends with people from outside of Japan has been a great asset to me and has allowed me to expand my field of visions regarding work and life.

This was the spark which made me want to bring these opportunities to experience different cultures and values to more people.

There are many ways of doing so – including tourism, studying abroad, work experience and linking companies etc. What Liigo is starting from though, is the field of tourism since it is the method which the most people engage in. This is why we are aiming to become the biggest tourism search engine in the world.

Recent developments in business models and technologies have meant that the availability of travel-based content has skyrocketed and it has never been easier to experience a different culture ever before.

That being said, getting hold of the best information is still a hassle.

Liigo aims to get rid of this hassle and to enable everyone to find the cultural experiences that they will be the happiest within the least time possible.

Through applying cutting-edge business models and technologies, we want to bring cross-culture interaction and the impact from this to the whole world.

And our first step? Establishing ourselves as a tech company from Japan.

Hidenori MIYAMOTO, CEO of Liigo

Bringing to the world the
Discoveries and Connections
which we ourselves have gained through travelling

Peking University (China) – 2010

Ain Shams University (Egypt) – 2010

Yale University (USA) – 2011

Harvard University (USA) – 2011

Machu Picchu (Peru) – 2011

Mexico – 2011

Vietnam – 2016

Taiwan – 2016