Our Story

I first wished to launch a cross-border
service when i went on a trip around the world during my
time at university.

I wanted to find out about what people at my age
were doing around the world, about what they thought and
what the difference was between us in Japan.
I set off to visit the top 52 universities around the world
in 25 different countries with my close friend. Through the many
discussions and interviews, I felt the overwhelming passion and vision
of my fellow students and was able to experience the distinct and unique
differences in the perspectives and philosophies we had.
This became the start of my journey.

Understanding new cultures, making friendship from around the world
was truly valuable to me, and has changed how I think and how I am.

I wish to be able to make cross-border interactions more familiar,
more exciting and more inspirational.

There are many approaches to doing so, from studying abroad,
employment, matching businesses and traveling.
From these options, we decided to focus on traveling, especially
in comparing activities through our site.

Recent developments in technology and business models have
enabled us to easily enjoy differences in our cultures even more.

However, because of the rich amount of information that is available,
it takes time to really find what you are interested in and what you
really wish to do.

From minimizing the effort to find what suits you,
we aim for everyone to focus on what really makes you enjoy
experiencing other cultures.

In addition, a lot of valuable experiences, especially
in local areas are lost from the overflow of information.

We aim to use our strength as an activity platform to collaborate
with local organizations, hotels and tour planners to promote and support the
valuable experiences they provide.

Our mission is to become a diverse platform that connects and inspires people
across all borders.

First, starting from Japan.

CEO Hidenori Miyamoto

At Peking University(China)-2010

At Ain Shams University(Egypt)-2010


At Yale University(USA)-2011

At Harvard University(USA)-2011


At Machu Picchu(Peru)-2011

in Mexico-2011


in Vietnam-2016

in Taiwan-2016