Mission / Vision / Value

Liigo’s Mission:

Providing the world with new discoveries through continually providing new information.

Liigo’s Vision:

To become the most popular search engine for leisure and travel in the world.

Liigo’s Values:

・Holistic Thinking – Being aware of what is happening around the world, envisioning our society and Liigo in 10 to 30 years time, and thinking backwards to see the steps that we need to take to get there.
・Evolution – Always improving what we are doing in the present and changing what is no longer relevant.
・Consistency – Good habits are shortcuts to achieving long term goals.
・Diversity – Addressing the diverging needs of each person, be it due to gender, nationality etc., and creating a working environment where everyone is comfortable.
・Ownership – For each member to own their tasks and therefore push Liigo to greater heights.