Mission / Vision / Value

Liigo’s Mission:

To make a less boring world.

Liigo’s Vision:

To become the most popular search engine for experiences in the world.

Liigo’s Values:

・Holistic Thinking – Being aware of what is happening around the world, envisioning our society in 10 to 30 years time and thinking about our mission, vision, values and our whole organization.
・Evolution – Always improving what we are doing in the present based on what we did in the past.
・Consistency – Good habits are shortcuts to achieving long term goals.
・Speed – Approaching communications, decision making and our iteration cycles with agility.
・Respect – Accepting each others’ opinions and ways of thinking when communicating with each other.
・Diversity – Addressing the diverging needs of each person, be it due to gender, nationality etc., and creating a working environment where everyone is comfortable.