CEO / Chairman

Hidenori Miyamoto

Serial entrepreneur who launched his first company (COMUN Ltd) during university.

His passion for traveling started when he co-launched a project backed by industry leaders to travel around the world to research the top 52 universities in 27 countries.

Joined Marcus Evans upon graduation and in 2014 launched Brilliant Solution Inc, a business consulting firm for new businesses in the Asian market as the co-founder and Executive Managing Director.

Co-founded Liigo Inc after leaving Marcus Evans.

Places I’ve been:Korea, China (3 cities), Taiwan, Vietnam (2 cities), Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, UK (3cities), Germany, US (10 cities), Peru, Mexico.

Tokyo Office

Yuki Sanada

Programmer / Software Architect

Experience / Strengths

Since his teens, Yuki has spent over half of his time awake in programming – both in private as well as work settings. He is so passionate about programming that he loses track of time when doing it. He is well versed in multiple fields including UIUX, data storage, networking, library utilization, computer languages, securities, performance optimization and team management and is therefore strong at overall software architecture design. Yuki has also worked at JTB (within Japan and in Canada) for years and therefore has expertise in the tourism sector.

Why Liigo & How They Joined

Yuki has written code for many different organizations thus far. In his experience, excellent code nourishes organizations. In many projects he has worked on before, at the beginning everyone talks about wonderous impacts that their products will bring and all this talk does catch the eye of the world.

However, he later became aware that it is actually those who execute these dreams that define the limits of the organization.

He first met Liigo’s service director, K.K. when living in London. Yuki was then working on an international cultural exchange mobile app when K.K. told him about the idea for Liigo. At that time Liigo did not contain a single line of code, but Yuki, after meeting with K.K., felt that the team was ready to convert Liigo into reality. Furthermore, on hearing Liigo’s mission, Yuki felt that Liigo would become a service which would stimulate everyone’s curiosity and never get old.

Yuki also wants to ensure that Liigo becomes an organization where those who write great code are rewarded for doing so and in doing so, make Liigo an company he wants to contribute to in the long run.

Personal Vision

Yuki spent 4 years in his 20s outside of Japan. He therefore loves meeting, getting to know and learning about the cultures of others. While this has become easier with the internet, he even speculates that he would also enjoy it if he were born 200 years ago because of how much there was to discover in the world back then.

He wants to live as long as possible – after all, 200 years from now humanity may be making trips to space. He thinks about how people 200 years before and after us would view our slice of history – and wants to make the best of our time to enjoy what we can in our world right now.

Kengo Imamura

Programmer / Lead Engineer

Experience / Strengths

Developed his programming skills while making web applications at companies such as Speee Inc. He also does infrastructure engineering but is strongest at server side programming.
Is strong at Ruby and PHP.

Why Liigo & How They Joined

Kengo has known Hidenori since high school. After hearing about Liigo from him, Kengo joined Liigo because he felt very interested in the intersection of entrepreneurship and building a travel based service.

Through solving the issues surrounding travel through a technical perspective, he wants to provide a useful service to the world.

Personal Vision

To provide valuable services to the world. And for the services that he has helped build to be part of everyone’s daily lives.

Austin Zeng

Programmer / Growth Hacker

Experience / Strengths

Singaporean. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Austin joined Liigo after gaining experience in multiple startups. His personal work style is to, when a company has an issue, immediately search for the appropriate solution and implement it, and through this has experience in fields ranging from SEO, programming, talent scouting, blog writing and translation including for books and IP patent applications. Currently is a front-end engineer as well as growth hacker in Liigo.

He is passionate about languages and speaks 5 different languages. Also the president of the MEXT Scholars Association and the former Vice-President of the Singapore Students Association in Japan.

Why Liigo & How They Joined

As a foreigner living in Japan and as a fellow traveller, Austin is aware of the impact that experiencing foreign cultures can bring to people. For example, on visiting Mexico in 2016, Austin was able to experience a country entirely different from the image created by what the media reports. This is why he wishes to give people around the world more chances to travel and to improve the quality of these experiences.

He also takes it as a personal challenge to try to produce an ideal service that users will use through the endless experimentation of growth hacking.

Personal Vision

To improve himself as a developer and to create a service that he himself would want to use.


Machine Learning Engineer

Experience / Strengths

N.A. came to Japan from Pakistan and graduated with a masters in AI from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is currently working in the same field. Through his experience both at university and at work, he has expertise in themes such as machine learning, deep image for image classification, network data analysis, chronological analysis and natural language processing.

N.A. is most interested in the fields of natural language processing and half-supervised learning. He is actively reading the most advanced research in these fields and is active every day in implementing these in the field of business. He also loves thinking about thinking of simple and effective solutions for difficult problems.

Former core member of the Tokyotech International Students Association.

Why Liigo & How They Joined

Naveed wants to use AI to make Liigo a service that will be both easy and fun for users to use.

Personal Vision

To continually develop himself as a person and his own skills.

Karthik Rampalli

Machine Learning Assistant

Experience / Strengths

Karthik came to Japan after graduating from high school in India. He is currently studying computer science at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Karthik was selected as one of the representatives for Japan to participate in an international conference gathering leaders from ages 18 to 30, One Young World, 2016 in Canada. Core member of the MEXT Scholars Association and former Vice-President of the Tokyotech International Students Association. Former intern with Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support and current concurrent intern at University of Tokyo Edge Capital. Currently contributing to Machine Learning at Liigo.

Why Liigo & How They Joined

Karthik was originally interested in content marketing. In addition, he is also studying and interested in the field of AI.

Liigo is currently involved in both of these fields. Karthik also felt interested in the vision espoused by Liigo and therefore joined.

Personal Vision

In the future, Karthik wants to become an entrepreneur once he finds a problem that he wishes to solve. Until then, he is working hard to get as much experience as possible.

London Office

K. K.

Service Director

Experience / Strengths

Japanese descendent born and bred in the United Kingdom. K.K came to Japan for graduate school after graduating from university and joined an IT firm after graduating. Thereafter, he worked as an English teacher / translator while starting up an NGO. After living in Japan for 8 years, K.K returned to the United Kingdom and has worked in multiple fields, including in energy since then. K.K is strong in organization management, project management and service development.

Why Liigo?

K.K first met Hidenori through an ex-colleague while working in the aforementioned IT firm. Hidenori back then was already thinking about creating his own company and after multiple discussions with him, K.K also started contributing ideas and joined Hidenori in creating Liigo. He wants to make Liigo and exciting product that is continually improving and which is used by many people in the world. In order to pursue this he is supporting the creation of the organization. His goal is also to bring Liigo outside of Japan as soon as possible.

Personal Vision

To create an interesting service to give impactful experiences to as many people in the world as possible.